Celebrity-Inspired Ageless  Beauty Tips:

Ageless Beauty Tip, Live AgelesslyNo matte! Natural glow works better.
Ageless Beauty Tip, Live Agelessly Smokey eyes and natural, glossy lips looks more youthful.
Ageless Beauty Tip, Live Agelessly Pinks and peaches work better than heavy eye & lip.
Ageless Beauty Tip, Live Agelessly Don't need to say much...she's found a better look!

For a more generally youthful look:

Eyes: Neutral matte (very important) tones. Stay away from super heavy eye makeup. It drags down the eye and looks aging.

Lips: Neutral with a hint of pink or rose -- don't choose neutrals that look too light or like foundation (gives you a corpse look!) Shimmer is OK as long as it's no glitter!

Cheeks: A true pink or rosey pink is perfect, but again, be careful of orange undertones or glitter! You can swipe a bit of pink or opal highligher over or under the blush for a little gleam. Bronzer is good when kept in check.

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